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1893 Columbian Expo

The 1893 Columbian Expo which was held in Chicago was a significant event in history. Many technology and manufacturing firsts happened at the fair. The Ferris Wheel made its debut here. The elongated coins that people normally collect at Disney World or the zoo actually first appeared at this fair also.

You will find that at the beginning of 2010, my site is undergoing some changes. I have focused my attention to producing a new book on the Columbian Exposition medals and tokens. This book will be designed to be an upgrade and replacement to the Eglit book. My goal is to have many more pictures, a usable and comprehensive index, and a much mor organized reference. My plans are to sort out different categories such as "Elongates", "Pins, Ribbons, Hanging Medals", and "Advertising Pieces". Medals will also be sorted by size. Cross references to Eglit and other major references will be there as well as "See Also" to show related pieces. I welcome all input and if you ahve a piece that I don't have on my website, please let me know. I would be happy to use your pictures and give you credit within the book. I anticipate that this will not be a final edition as it seems new pieces keep coming out of the woodwork. But, I'd like it to be a really good start. I already know that there will be at least a 20% increase in the number of pieces listed. My numbering system will be designed to allow lots of growth within the similar medals. My ultimate goal is to have the entire project completed and printed by mid-2011 but that may happen faster, or take longer, depending on input from other collectors.